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Benefits of reciprocal links

What are the benefits of reciprocal links? Reciprocal links have several advantages. First of all, if the linked page is a popular article, you can send the customer to the linked page as well. If it is relevant to the linked page, users may be interested in and subscribe to your linked page. You can also expect

What is a reciprocal link

What is a reciprocal link? Reciprocal linking means that two websites link to each other so that users who visit one site can be directed to the other. Healthy reciprocal links are also appreciated by users, as they can jump to pages related to the page they visit. However, in the past, there was a time

About SEO in Japan

About SEO in Japan SEO in the Japanese market is not much different from that of the world standard. There is no doubt that the motto is to create content that is in line with Google’s ideal of “providing valuable content to users”. In other words, the ratio of search engines (platforms) used will be slightly

Why SEO is so important

Why is SEO-aware writing important? When writing blogs and media articles, it is often said that “SEO-conscious writing”, but why is SEO important in the first place? I think there are various reasons, but the most important reason is that we can definitely acquire users. It is possible to increase the number of readers via SNS,

SEO measures now and in the past

About the present and the past of SEO measures It is no exaggeration to say that SEO measures are completely different now and in the past. A long time ago, SEO was mainly about stuffing keywords. Since the frequency of appearance of search words in articles is directly linked to the rank, malicious methods such as

SEO writing tips

Anyone can do SEO writing tips It’s easy to think that SEO is difficult, but there are some simple tips. Here are some simple SEO techniques that anyone can do. The easiest thing to do is to squeeze the good points of the pages that are already displayed at the top. Of course, it is strictly forbidden

What is SEO

What is SEO? Do you know what SEO is? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and refers to all techniques for displaying your site in search results such as Google and Yahoo. Specifically, it refers to methods such as appropriately incorporating the search word into the headline or title while understanding the search intent

About PV and the number of accesses

What is the difference between PV and the number of accesses? Bloggers and affiliates often say, “What was the PV of this month?” “I will do my best to aim for PV next month.” For that reason, PV is considered as an index to measure the ability of blogs. I am. However, the number to