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Measuring branded and unbranded SEO strategies

I firmly believe in sharing the overall performance of SEO. In short, strategies and tactics should always be aimed at improving the visibility of all URL and keyword searches. This is a drawback of detailed search engine optimizations that focus on very specific keyword and URL optimizations. Overall, I don’t think the use of location tracking is

SEO is not black magic

An SEO individual or team understands what a search engine wants from a website and translates that knowledge into recommendations and actions for product managers and engineers who create the web interface used by the search engine. I will take responsibility. In small businesses, the person who understands SEO may also be the product manager or

SEO is an ongoing process

In large organizations where SEO efforts are part of a dedicated team, there is a general misconception that SEO is an action that must be performed as a one-time event during the product process. It may be “needed to be removed by the SEO team” or “sent to SEO” after completion, just like sprinkling SEO like

Page speed is important in SEO

Since Google announced that page speed is an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm, SEO audits have included a page speed section. I’ve often seen a significant portion of page speed audits, such as home page speed screenshots, internal pages, and even comparisons with competitors. These screenshots of a typical page speed gauge show if the waterfall

On-page SEO

I’ve heard it once. I’ve heard it twice, do you really think the content is king? Marketers have said this for years, and to be honest, this is probably over all the major changes to Google’s algorithm (the change to how Google ranks the content on your website). The only concept that remained the same. What

Japanese SEO and PPC

Japanese SEO and PPC In this article, I’ll talk about the search engine landscape in Japan. For many years, Yahoo! N (a joint venture of Yahoo! and Japanese internet company SoftBank) dominated the Japanese search engine market for many years, even outperforming the powerful Google and other local search engines such as Baidu and Naver. In 2010,

Benefits of reciprocal links

What are the benefits of reciprocal links? Reciprocal links have several advantages. First of all, if the linked page is a popular article, you can send the customer to the linked page as well. If it is relevant to the linked page, users may be interested in and subscribe to your linked page. You can also expect

What is a reciprocal link

What is a reciprocal link? Reciprocal linking means that two websites link to each other so that users who visit one site can be directed to the other. Healthy reciprocal links are also appreciated by users, as they can jump to pages related to the page they visit. However, in the past, there was a time

About SEO in Japan

About SEO in Japan SEO in the Japanese market is not much different from that of the world standard. There is no doubt that the motto is to create content that is in line with Google’s ideal of “providing valuable content to users”. In other words, the ratio of search engines (platforms) used will be slightly

Why SEO is so important

Why is SEO-aware writing important? When writing blogs and media articles, it is often said that “SEO-conscious writing”, but why is SEO important in the first place? I think there are various reasons, but the most important reason is that we can definitely acquire users. It is possible to increase the number of readers via SNS,