Japanese SEO and PPC

Japanese SEO and PPC

In this article, I’ll talk about the search engine landscape in Japan. For many years, Yahoo! N (a joint venture of Yahoo! and Japanese internet company SoftBank) dominated the Japanese search engine market for many years, even outperforming the powerful Google and other local search engines such as Baidu and Naver.

In 2010, Yahoo! Japan has partnered with Google Japan to allow Google to use free search results on Yahoo !. Supported. However, every website will customize search results to its target audience as if Yahoo! Google gave exactly the same results. Users were able to stop using one of the sites, which gave Bing and the other engines the opportunity to increase their market share in Japan. This is one reason why both sites offer result pages, as well as Yahoo! It continues to draw content from its vertical data as Yahoo! Yahoo! Travel and Yahoo! News in search results. Hey ho! Japan’s introduction of Google’s search technology could mean that about 90 percent of web queries in Japan will be submitted by the company. Therefore, website optimization in the direction of Google’s algorithms yields results from both search engines.

Hey ho! Japan offers its own pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and advertising services that are not affiliated with Google services. If you want to target Japanese search users with PPC campaigns through Yahoo Japan, then you need to create an account with Yahoo Japan and set up campaigns on their PPC account. There are differences between Yahoo! Japan campaign settings and Google AdWords, for example b. Title / Character limit allowed, so you may need to make changes to your AdWords title / meta description, etc. before adding it to your Yahoo Japan account.

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