SEO is not black magic

An SEO individual or team understands what a search engine wants from a website and translates that knowledge into recommendations and actions for product managers and engineers who create the web interface used by the search engine. I will take responsibility. In small businesses, the person who understands SEO may also be the product manager or engineer, but in large organizations this is its own role.

Value of SEO

The total value of all organic traffic in the world represents an opportunity of over $ 1 trillion that cannot or should not be ignored. For many websites and products, membership is one of the only ways to generate web traffic, except to build a large brand that drives direct traffic. Even building a brand is very expensive and may never make a profit. On the one hand, organic search efforts are much cheaper than any other acquisition channel.

Google doesn’t just start sending large amounts of organic traffic to your website automatically. It may happen someday, but we are far from it. The solution is SEO.

Using the SEO method, websites create websites in a more effective way and increase their recognition in organic search.

Relying on one or more people to help create a better website for search traffic ensures that users aren’t left on the table. Without SEO, websites would only rely on stupid luck and good pages from Google.

Future SEO

As long as people use search engines to find information, SEO efforts are needed. The search is zero sum. Therefore, when one website is clicked, another website is not clicked. One day, more AI could be included in the search ranking process, making optimization even more difficult. But why do websites need to succumb to Amnesty International? Even in this world, it’s best to understand how this algorithm works and do your best to keep traffic going.

Those who complain that SEO is getting harder and harder are a by-product of all the AI ​​already included in the algorithm. While it was a bit easier at the beginning of the search and on SEO records that “performed” the search with a creative strategy or budget, AI and better search algorithms canceled these tactics.

Google’s algorithms continue to improve, ultimately ranking the web as a human potential. As SEO becomes more difficult, the vulnerabilities and breaches that characterize software-paid rankings continue to fill as Google grows smarter. However, SEO is still needed because someone needs to translate the desired search engine status into a consistent SEO effort.

SEO never goes away. Instead, the efforts that make up SEO change.