About PV and the number of accesses

What is the difference between PV and the number of accesses?

Bloggers and affiliates often say, “What was the PV of this month?” “I will do my best to aim for PV next month.” For that reason, PV is considered as an index to measure the ability of blogs. I am.

However, the number to follow is not the PV, but the number of accesses. The number of visits is the number of users who actually came to your blog, and it really represents the “number of customers” of your blog.

For example, if the PV is high but the number of accesses is low, it indicates that the ability to attract customers is not good even if there are core readers, and in such cases, it is unlikely that it will lead to affiliate contracts.

Therefore, if you rate your blog, look at the number of visits. The number of visits is the most obvious indicator of your blog’s ability.